Marketing Consultancy to Jim’s Gyms

Jim’s Gyms is a medium-sized regional gym chain trying to increase the repeat business generated from its database of past clients. The company has been in business for 10 years and has built a reputation of providing a high-level of personalized customer service. It has 20 local gyms staffed with commissioned salespeople and it is struggling with stiff competition and a weak economy.

By comparison to competing gyms, Jim’s Gyms are somewhat dated, its website was designed by the daughter of a friend of the owner, and the marketing department has collected 360,000 email addresses. The email list is has not been ‘cleaned’ or ‘scrubbed’ since 2009.

Jim’s Gyms is feeling pressure from other local mom & pop operations which offer a wide range of similar fitness services.

Some of these gyms have newer equipment and offer personal trainers (at extra costs). They are heavily marketed via direct mail, TV, and a variety of electronic media.

Your consultancy team is making a presentation with the hopes of winning a $1 million dollar marketing contract focused on improving sustainable sales for Jim’s Gyms. Your assignment is to develop a marketing plan and explain in detail a strategy of strengthening the relationship Jim’s Gyms maintains with their current client list and how they can capitalize on this relationship as a competitive advantage over its competition in the personal fitness marketplace.

Remember, you are taking the position of a marketing consultancy trying to get the $1 million dollar Jim’s Gyms marketing contract.

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