Your are required to develop marketing strategy for the brand/company selected and analysed in Assignment 1. Teams are expected to draw on their findings from the situation analysis conducted in Assignment 1. As with Assignment 1, Assignment 2 should be as specific as possible. Marketing objectives, high-level strategic alternatives, STP and marketing mix strategies should all be built on Assignment 1. You are expected to use your own ideas and Assignment 1 as sources for developing the strategy, therefore no references are needed anymore (again, avoid using complete papers from the Internet).

Specifically, your strategy document should have the following structure:

  • Title Page
    As above.
  • Contents Page
    As above.
  • Executive summary
    As above.


  • 1) Marketing objectives
    What are the objectives that grew out of the problems and opportunities statement in Assignment 1? What are we trying to achieve? Should be closely linked to the problems and opportunities statement in Assignment 1.
  • 2) High-level strategic alternatives
    This section should contain at least 3 distinct strategic solutions that would help achieve the marketing objectives. Note that this is not a choice of generic strategies vs. competitive strategies vs. product-market strategies. On the contrary, each alternative is a MIX OF ALL OF THESE; potentially containing recommendations for generic strategies, competitive strategies, and product-market strategies (as well as STP ideas). For example, you may identify the first alternative as a differentiation strategy (mentioning specifically what the basis of differentiation may be), mainly against competitor #1 and decide where your strategy may be in the product-market matrix and what target you are after. Next, you come up with another alternative, which has a different combination of the above elements. And finally, alternative 3: yet another potential solution. Each alternative should be viable (so do not include a “straw-man,” a solution only proposed to be easily dismissed).
    Evaluation of these alternatives should be included next (a table for positives and negatives for each approach is recommended). Decide which alternative to take and give strong rationale why it was selected as the best high-level strategic route.
  • 3) Marketing mix strategies
    After deciding on the core, high-level strategy, you need to develop the implementation – how would the strategy be actually achieved? In other words, this section should contain recommendations for the components of the marketing mix. Note that not all components (4Ps) need to change vs. the status quo, it is alright for some elements to remain the same (for example, you may or may not want to change the product). Make sure you think through what the best ways are to implement your high-level strategy selected.
  • Conclusion
    A concluding paragraph summarizing your strategic recommendations.

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