1. What are some of the alternative ways of life in the utopian communities?

2. What are ways that people tried to take sex out of the public sphere?

3. How do doctors make an impact on sexuality?

4. Explain the medicalization of deviance briefly.

Kimmel reading.

Kimmel defines the Self-Made Man as “a model of manhood that derives identity entirely from a man’s activities in the public sphere, measured by accumulated wealth and status, by geographic and social mobility… Since a man’s fortune is as easily unmade as it is made, the Self-Made Man is uncomfortably linked to the volatile marketplace, and he depends upon continued mobility. …Mobile, competitive, aggressive in business, the Self-Made Man was also temperamentally restless, chronically insecure, and desperate to achieve a solid grounding for a masculine identity” (17). This came into existence with the founding of the country.

1. What are some ideas about sexual control in this reading?

2. What role did men play in society and within families?

3. What were the consequences of Self-Made Manhood?

Graham reading

4. What are the consequences of sexual indulgence and desire, according to Graham?

5. What is associated with sexual indulgence and masturbation?

6. How does Graham describe sex?

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