In the case of CI centers belonging to any kind of organization, some conditions are to be fulfilled:
◦General recognition that the CI center works for all the organization, not only for some specific department, no matter how important it is.
◦Direct access to the General Management, since final decisions of what product/service to create depend on that level; also, because feedback is vital for the success of the management decisions, made on the basis of CI products/services offered.
◦Access to information management tools and analysis inside the organization and the possibility of acquiring external information services when needed.
As well, the CI center must also be characterized by being:
◦Transparent: Clients know where the information is coming from and in what context. Clients have full access and contact with the project team.
◦Collaborative. Frequent updates to ensure that the project stays on track. No surprises at the final moment regarding the content.
◦Focused. The project is built upon the client’s knowledge base and the latest secondary sources.
◦Analytical. Recommendations are specific, providing the client with an objective assessment and an analysis of implications.
◦Ethical. An ethics code must be stated. The same ethics code applied to the organization, is applied to the CI center, plus the specific items necessary.

Compare three competitive intelligence consulting offices. Use the centers listed for Forum 3. And add one that you select.

◦Are any of them appropriate to solve the problems you have? Explain.
◦If not, which characteristics should have a CI center to solve your problems?
◦Would you propose to create a CI center at your organization? Could it fulfil the conditions stated above? Explain.

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