Prepare and submit a well-researched article on a policy or bill with implications for social work, community and client population to a popular press.

Include the following in paper:
a) Introduction
b) Description of policy
c) Reason for choosing project option, policy and how it relates to your area of concentration
d) A discussion of what occurred during implementation of project
e) Strengths and limitations in executing project
f) Self-analysis during the implementation of project
g) Project outcomes
h) Conclusions
j) Annotated bibliography
Questions to consider (when applicable):
1. Introduction to the issue being advocated.
2. What are your desired outcomes (what is your agenda)?
3. What are your justifications?
4. What are your priorities?
5. What are your fallback positions?
6. Who are your likely or identified allies and opponents? Why?
7. Who are your targets? How do they see the situation?
8. How are you tailoring your information to fit your different targets?
9. What evidence are you going to use or where are you going to get the evidence to support your positions?
10. What are the likely arguments that you will have to counter?

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