Reading and Briefing a Legal Case
• Identify the name of the case.
• Identify the court and date of the case

Reading the Case
 Read and re-read the case
 Identify the parties(e.g. who is suing who)
 Is the case on appeal?
 Read, reread, and summarize the facts of the case into one to two paragraphs.
Identify the Issues
 What is the issue in the case?
 Are there more than one issue involved in the case?
Rule of Law
 Statutory or case law?
 Precedent?
 Are there more than one “rules of law” involved in the case?
 How did the judges apply the statutory or case law?
 Did the application make sense?
Conclusion or Decision
 What was the decision of the court?
 How many judges were involved in the decision?
 Is there a “dissent”? (minority viewpoint).

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