A learning organization is a company that can be described as one that facilitates the learning of its members and continually changes its trends in order to constantly fit in the competitive modern world. A learning organization has five main features systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team learning (Argyris, 1999).
Many companies have tried to be learning organizations but none has managed as well as Toyota Motor Company has. Toyota is a Japanese automaker and the world’s second largest automaker company following general motors’ (Hino,2006). Over the years since its development Toyota has improved its information system through development of integrated communications network that aids them to control sales and manufacture throughout the world; through the ERP information system.
Over the years despite the retention of various values, the company has decided to develop new policies that also make it fit to be a learning organization. The company has developed has developed the new system of objective and goal declaration techniques. Aggressive goals start from the top and each level develops objective to support these goals. Unlike in the begging where the goals were only formulated at the management level only. Through this new measure the company employees get to contribute towards the company’s objectives creating a shared vision. Learning organizations tend to have a decentralized form of management. Through the delegating some of the management task to the subordinates the company creates room for shared vision which is an attribute of learning organizations. The company also takes the initiative of learning from its challenges and it mistakes. The employees get to work on the challenges that the company has faced and make something out of that.
Through journals posted in the internet that provide information of Toyota being a learning organization enabled me to identify the company. The journal gave information on the characteristics of a learning organization and through this; identification of some of Toyotas attributes matched it to being a learning organization.
Argyris, C. (1999). On organizational learning (2nd ed.). Oxford: Blackwell Business.
Hino, S. (2006). Inside the mind of Toyota: management principles for enduring growth. New York, N.Y.: Productivity Press.

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