The role of land use planning in managing and optimising the efficient and effective distribution of population, employment, housing, infrastructure, transport, recreation activities, human services and biosystems in a metropolitan environment. Discuss how land use planning can affect the structure and land use patterns in a metropolitan setting (such as Greater Adelaide) by considering any ONE of the following criteria:

1. Built form, density, street layout, precinct design and land use mix

2. Subdivision practices, regulations and zoning

3. Infrastructure systems (transport, water, energy, sewers)

4. Open space, biodiversity and environmental management

5. Human services and major activity areas (such as employment)

This assignment is aimed at enhancing your awareness of the role and application of land use planning in managing optimal, ordered and efficient development of the built environment to achieve planning objectives such as minimising environmental impacts whilst maximising the quality of life and economic productivity. The assessment will be based on:

1. Research evidence using relevant literature

2. Completeness of discussion in answering the question, comprehension and strength of argument (60%)

3. Standard of written expression, presentation, and referencing (10%)

This assignment should start with an introduction, followed by the main part of the assignment suitably titled, followed by a conclusion, and references.

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