This lab will require writing formal report for the workshop practice. It can help you to understand the technical content in the workshop practice. Report writing is a critical part of the engineering field. Being able to produce high quality reports, summaries, and memos will be a major portion of your future job.

The report will include two main parts which are corresponding to the two main practises in the lab. The following items should be included:

Part 1: metal machining (turning and milling)
1. Description of machines /tools /equipment;
2. Procedures used;
3. Cutting conditions used for each key feature (machining parameters used and related calculations, such as cutting speed? Feed? Depth of cut? Etc.)
4. Observations;
5. Outputs: Measured dimensions of the finished part (the dimensions shown on the drawing), surface roughness, etc.
6. Comments and recommendations

Part 2: reverse engineering and CAD/CAM
1. Description of machines /tools /software used;
2. Procedures used;
3. CAD model generated (3D and engineering drawing)
4. Analysis of the component and produce appropriate manufacturing procedure by CNC machining
5. Key parameter selection and simulation results
6. Comments and recommendations

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