”The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” These are words of B.K.S. Iyengar , one of the foremost yoga instructors in the world. One can only ascertain the extent of truth these words hold when they get to practice this incredible work out. My names are Melanie Mooney, 23 years of age hailing from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and for as early as I could remember, I always sought an interest I could indulge myself in, which would have been relevantly suited to me. My quest saw me seek it in many places before I eventually had a happy accident with Yoga. My life then took a 360 degree turn and it has never been the same again.
What is yoga if one may inquire? Some would be of the opinion that yoga is an exercise preferred by lazy people. This might be due to the fact that it appears as merely breathing and stretching which looks effortless to most. Yoga in fact is more intricate than this. It involves  body alignment with the aid of equipment such as blankets, mats , straps, blocks, chairs jus to mention a few, which are used to ensure that positions are effectively executed.
Through the series of physical and mental exercises performed while doing yoga, the life force at the base of the spine is elevated. Various yoga postures help keep the body healthy at the physical level, while the discipline of the mind is enhanced through mental exercises, i.e. pranayama or dhyana which refer to breathing and  meditation techniques respectively.
Yoga has helped me achieve an overwhelming sense of calmness that has totally altered my perspective on life. Now days I tend to have a positive perception towards things regardless of the circumstances at hand. I could certainly say that yoga has transformed me into a more positive minded, happier and enlightened person. I suffered from back for the better part of life but since engaging in the practice, I must admit that it has unbelievably eased off my pain.
The process of meditation has proved to be the sole moment where I have totally felt immersed and at peace with my inner self. This has been possible through doing Namaste, which guides me to go deeper inside my heart chakra. Through yoga, I achieve what is termed as the union with the Self, where my mind achieves elevated discipline and feels freed from all desires and I become immersed into the Self alone. This would explain my great sense of calmness.
The famous yoga instructor, Deepak Chopra, is a person of greatly admiration to me and intensely inspires me in regards to yoga. I actually partook in one of his online meditation challenges, which lasted for three weeks. This significantly had a major effect on me and changed me a great deal.
I now feel emancipated from the negativity and disharmony that plagued my life and I can now fully realize my dreams and potential through the clearer mental picture of whom I am and how I should lead my life. I can echo Deepak Chopra’s wise words that many aspects of life may change but the personal essence is the “continuity of awareness that has no beginning or end.” I will always be the constant in the midst of all these changes.

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