This assignment requires that each student research a culture different from her/his own.
1.) Engage with people from the culture in a significant way
2.) Investigate the culture through research
3.) Write an analysis paper summarizing your research and describing the experience

The important consideration here is to combine research methods with involvement, not just as a bystander or observer, but engagement with a group of people from a cultural group different from your own. The project is intended to involve intercultural interaction and all the challenges this entails.

1.) Engagement: After selecting a cultural group, figure out some way to interact with people from that cultural group. This could involve spending time with a family from the culture. They may also take you to some event such as a wedding, a graduation party, or other ritual pertaining to the culture. Public events like festivals or fairs can be combined with interaction with individuals.

2.) Investigate the culture through discussion/interaction with people from the culture and through research.

3.) Analyze your intercultural experience by applying issues and concepts from class and reading.
1. What stereotypes did you have about the culture? How have these changed?
2. How is the culture similar to and different from your own?
3. How has globalization impacted this group?
4. What can you learn about the values, norms, and behaviors of the culture?
5. How do course concepts apply?
6. What historical context surrounds the movement of this cultural group?
7. How does the personal history of the people you are meeting relate to the larger cultural/national history?
8. What is the political context surrounding the experiences of the people from the culture you are
9. How have race, white privilege or white identity impacted this group?

10. Are people from the culture here because of diasporic histories? How have colonial histories influenced this group?
11. How would you describe the cultural space you were exposed to or experienced? In what ways is it a hybrid, contested or segregated cultural space?
12. How is the cultural identity of the group tied to place? How is their avowed identity different from their ascribed identity?
13. What struggles/challenges have they had adapting to U.S. culture? Why?
14. How would you describe their migrant-host-home relationship?
15. Do they experience themselves as transmigrants?
16. How might the age, gender, and/or religion of the people from the group influence their experiences?
17. How have media representations impacted their experiences?
18. What challenges have they experienced in terms of intercultural relationships?
19. What did you learn about yourself from this experience?
20. What ICC skills and competencies did you use/develop?
21. In what ways did you engage in intercultural praxis?

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