In most companies, the highest ranked executive in-charge of technology/information systems is referred to as either a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
Using the internet, search for five (5) CIOs and (5) Five CTO from publicly traded companies. These officers have to be the highest ranked IT officers in their respective firms.
Write a Summary paper that compares or contrasts these officers based on;
1. Educational backgrounds ( bachelors, masters, doctorate, certificates, etc where applicable)
2. School(s) where educational credentials/certificates were obtained
3. Years of experience
4. Gender
5. Who do they report to
6. Tenure at the current position/firm
7. Type of industry the firm belongs to (based on SIC or NAIC codes)
a. For the above question, provide both the code and name of industry e.g. Walmart (SIC-5331 Retail-Variety Stores; NAICs -445110 Supermarkets & other grocery).
b. You may use these links to refer to the SIC or NAICs codes
8. Previous job held
9. Any other relevant information

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