1) Why is it important to control changes to asset baseline

2) How do the asset management procedures relate to overall information assurance policy?
3) What is the role of risk assessment when it comes to baseline formulation?

4) What is the purpose of version management, why it is necessary, what are the outcomes of it is not practiced?

6) Why is it logical to begin the information assurance process with an information identification step?
7) Why must labels be unique, what purpose does unique labeling serve in the real world?
8) Why is assignment of accountability important? What would be the consequence of not having it?
9) What is the role of Annualized Loss Exposure in security system formulation? What may happen if the ALE is ignored?

10) Gap analyses are most easily accomplished if they are based on standards.

11) Certification is a very useful aspect of the risk process. Explain how certification can assure against risk.

12)How does risk assessment relate to the information identification process?

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