Our identity is multifaceted, constantly shaped and reshaped by interactions with other people and larger social contexts. The purpose of this assignment is to apply the various key concepts discussed in class, such as social constructions of race, class, and notions of “justice,” to your experience and self-concept. The paper is an opportunity for you to reflect on what makes up your identity, including its various characteristics/values.

The paper should discuss one or more of the following (but are not limited to):

· How do you identify yourself?

· How do class, gender and/or race influence your identity?

· How do values in one aspect of your identity compared or conflicted with values in other aspects of your identity?

· Experiences where you have to compromise values related to your identity due to conditions in your work environment, school, or other social settings.

· In what ways does culture or the social settings that you have encountered affect the evolution of your identity?

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