Develop a hypothetical counseling scenario and design a plan for brief substance use disorder therapy following one of the models.

Develop your scenario and plan as follows:
Review chap. 1 of McCollum & Trepper and select one of the three clients described in the chapter (Dylan, Maria, and Tyrone).
Elaborate on the information provided about your client by adding information about his/her life circumstances and by adding family members with descriptive information about each family member and about the family’s interactions.
Write a plan to provide brief therapy to the client and his/her family using one of the brief therapy models. Your plan should include:
The therapy model you will implement with a rationale for why you selected this model for your client.
Two to four initial counseling goals that you hope to achieve using this model.
Planned frequency and duration of counseling.
A description of three counseling activities, exercises, or homework assignments that you will use – one in the initial session, one in a subsequent session, and one at termination – that are consistent with the model you have selected.

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