Section A (30 pts.)
1. How does Gilgamesh meet the criteria of an epic poem? Give at least three characteristics that Gilgamesh has and include examples.
2. Chaucer’s “The General Prologue” is in many ways timeless and placeless. Using a minimum of five pilgrims in the text, explain the validity (or lack thereof) of this assertion.
3. How and why does Socrates give priority to ideas over interlocutors in “The Apology?

Section B (30 pts.)
4. “To be or not to be?” is the famous question that Hamlet poses in Act Three, Scene One of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Explore this speech. What does he mean by this opening famous question in the speech? What events (remote and immediate) in the play prompt this speech?
5. Compare and contrast the tragic hero/heroine in Sophocles’ Antigone and Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Discuss the nature of their strengths and weaknesses. Your response should include at least two points of comparison/contrast.

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