This project is to do a report that we have to build up a pre-opening hotel in Brazil which is located in Rio De Janeiro,

Ipanema Beach in Brazil. In the hotel, there are 900 rooms in total include 90 single room, 800 double room and 10 executive suites. And for the facilities, segment single room and double into different types there are shop gallery, cinema casino, 3 discos and 3 restaurant. You can think about the culture in Brazil, for example football, you can add those element into the hotel, include some marketing research inside the essay, for example the target market. And also you can research about the casino in Brazil such as the competitor. You also need to write about the marketing strategy such as 4Ps, mirco and macro economy.                                                                                                                            You also need to calculate the net income, room rate and the financial statement. And some explanation you can type in appendix.

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