i. Introduction
a. Thesis

b. Roles/ Arguments; (what is the Neocolonialism? the actual political, economic status about Aboriginal people and the rights, resources, benefits obtained by average Aboriginal people (how about White people, especially British-Canadian); to compare the myth that Canadian government shows to the world and the real relationship between them; what is the biggest conflicts? Does or does not Canada as a Neocolonialism country?)

ii. Body
a. The big background and historical situation of non-Aboriginal people and Aboriginal people. What about now? Any better? (The different views between non-Aboriginal people and Aboriginal people? (To talk about from different ways: living conditions, jobs, the status, benefits gained etc. To talk about with evidences or examples.)

b. The Indian Act, Status, and Reservation (the different views how non-Aboriginal people looked at Reservation Land? How about Aboriginal people? (The highest suicide rate in Canada which Aboriginal people gathered; the non or low educated kids, the single mother rate with young age. Why? Reasons and evidence)

c. What are the conflicts between them? (Taxes? Benefits? The feeling of exclusion that aboriginal people had? Discrimination? Lake of understanding? Provided the evidences) what is the biggest conflict? Why?) The difference between people says (Such as multiculturalism, respectfully) and the facts.

d. Does it affect future generations? (Today’s situation of Aboriginal kid (Residential school); what is most Aboriginal teenagers do in such young age? (Good side and bad side) How do their parents treat them? Do they care about the future of their kids and did parents think the consequence might brings because the way the behaved.) To talk about affect with cases or evidences.

e. What are the rights for Aboriginal people? Did we civilizing Aboriginal people? (Indirectly or directly?) Did we destroy anything? What about the next Aboriginal generations? Can culture truly be restored? Who should care?

iii. Conclusion
Uses the evidences the conclusion from the previous paragraphs that to conclude does or does not as a Neocolonialism country. Why it is important? Does Canada as a Neocolonialism country? What did we do in the past? What is the future?

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