A critique is a critical evaluation of someone else’s research and written work. The first section, approximately one to two pages in length, is the Analysis and contains a complete but concise statement of what the article is about. These are the facts! You will describe the study, the data collection or design structure, any analysis, and the conclusions/recommendation. After reading your Analysis, I should know the “story” when I have read your analysis. Most students have little trouble in this section; you seem to be quite good reporters.

The second section, also of approximately one to two pages, is the Evaluation. It is in this section that you are to write about how well the research was or was not adequately done and how the concepts relate to the topics found in this course. Are there exemplary sections, areas that seem to be deficient, appropriate data/statistical analysis, clear reporting of the results, as well as any other commendable or even confusing sections? Is this a good study or one that has flaws or omissions? Also indicate how the subject of this article is applicable to an aviation organization of your choice.

These observations can be your opinion (third person, of course) but any conclusions drawn must be based on accepted standards such as those that are found in the course textbook. It is not enough to say the article was good or bad but you must tell why it was so. Refrain from talking specifically about the author but speak solely about the subject covered in the writing. This section will be the true test of your critical thinking skills since you are not a reporter here but an evaluator.

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