Think about a business process or an idea and propose how you can do it differently if you could use technology to improve the process or build the idea. You should present a business model that you can defend. The team should use the frameworks, tools and techniques discussed in class (i.e., Porter’s model, value chain etc) to describe their business proposal. You should benchmark your proposal with other companies in your industry and discuss the different ways of creating a competitive advantage. Finally, plan your presentation to be about 30 minutes.
A rough outline to help guide you is being presented below as a reference:

• Company Background including existing business model, organizational structure
• Existing Problem and its impact: strategic/financial
• Analysis:
o Internal Analysis: Value Chain, Customer Service Life Cycle, BCG Matrix, Portfolio analysis, 4C’s etc
o Key Success Factors (KSF)
o Present capabilities
o Industry/External Analysis: Porters model(s), Competition and their capabilities etc
• Solution
o What is it? How will it change the Business Model (Online Retailing/Exchange/Online community etc)
o Will the present organizational structure support it
o Will it deliver a sustainable competitive advantage
o Will it impact transactions with customers/suppliers
o Are there issues with enterprise application integration: Internal and external
o What are the critical technologies (such as Java, XML, .Net; Hardware platforms and operating systems; Security; Networking systems; DNS; Open Source technologies, web services)
o Financial Analysis/ Financial Plan (pay for service/subscription/advertisement support etc)
• Project Schedules and Milestones

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