Salazar, L., Nobre, C., Oyama, M. (2007). Climate change consequences on the biome distribution in tropical South American. Geophysical Research Letters, 34, 1-6. doi:10.1029/2007GL029695

Spanne, A. (2014, August 14). Climate change may ‘bottleneck’ the Panama Canal and disrupt world trade.

In a word processed document prepare responses for each of the questions below based on the information contained with Salazar et al. (2007) and Spanne (2014). Each question is worth one mark, unless specified otherwise.
Questions from Salazar et al
1. According to Salazar et al. (2007) what is the largest factor influencing vegetation distribution in the world?
2. Based on Figure 1 in Salazar et al. (2007) which biome is predicted to expand?
3. What factor could alter regional climate in South America?
4. What climate change model do Salazar et al. (2007) use in their study?
5. According to Salazar et al., which South American country will be most effected by climate change?
6. Based on Salaraz et al.’s analysis, what is the projected temperature warming range for South America?
7. What advice to Salaraz et al. provide to government policy makers on how to either mitigate or adapt?

Questions from Spanne

1. When was the Panama Canal opened?
2. How does excess water and inadequate amounts of water hamper the operation of the Panama Canal?
3. Approximately how many ships go through the canal each year?
4. How much water is required to move all the ships traveling through the Panama Canal in a year?
5. What is the International Panel on Climate Change’s prediction on the frequency of extreme weather events in the future for the Panama Canal?
6. Describe what is meant by the ‘bottleneck’ metaphor regarding the future use of the Panama Canal.
7. What are the two lakes of key importance when examining water availability for the Panama Cana?

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