Choice 1: Geographies of Race & Ethnicity (Chapter 5)
Write about the geography of your ethnic and/or racial heritage, following the guidelines
• Watch Video #9 on the YouTube playlist for this course (accessible on the course
menu on Blackboard by clicking on “YouTube Playlist”). Even if you feel you have
one single identity, many people can relate to having hybrid identities or
multiethnic families, where we experience the influences of more than one culture
on our own identities, even if we usually only hear people talking about one race or
ethnicity at a time. Note anything the panelists say that relates to your experience of
race/ethnicity OR that raises a question or issue that you might like to follow up on.
• Answer the question: How do you identify yourself in terms of race and/or
ethnicity and how did this come to be your identity? You are encouraged to talk
about where your ancestors came from, how your ancestral origins do or do not
influence your own identity, and what your identity means to you (for example, will
your ethnic/racial identity have a large influence on your future in terms of what
you do/where you are/why you are where you are, etc.).
• Use at least five vocabulary words from chapters 2, 3, or 5. Put the words in bold or
a bright color in your essay. Words should be used in the proper context. Do not
include textbook definitions of the vocab words in the essay.
• Draw (by hand or computer) a map showing where your family/ancestors have
migrated over time, ending with you (use arrows). You are encouraged to go as far
back as you can and include as many different ancestors as you’d like, however
there is no minimum number of people or places to include. Your map should reflect
what you know about your family history. Feel free to be creative or make a quick

Choice 2: Population Control in Two Countries
• In a 2 page essay, compare and contrast the methods of population control
undertaken in two countries. Then, answer the question: Regardless of
whether the two countries were right or wrong to undertake the population
control measures implemented in the past, does the country need to pursue a
new strategy in the future?
• Choose any two countries implementing some type of population control measures
(from birth control to forced sterilization, there are many strategies). You may
choose the United States, however it may be more interesting and informative to
learn about two other countries (and possibly find out how the U.S. intervenes in
some countries’ population control measures). Some countries famous (or
infamous) for their population control policies are China, India, Uzbekistan,
Singapore, Iran, and the United States.
• Understand chapter three. Be sure you are familiar with the concepts and
arguments in Chapter 3 before beginning this assignment.
• Research. Learn about population control measures in your chosen countries. You
may start with Wikipedia, but do not plagiarize or cite it. If you want to cite facts
stated on Wikipedia, trace them back to the original source. Although this isn’t a
typical five page research paper, the Online EZ Research Workshop
covers the fundamentals of research and may help if you find yourself getting
stuck or wondering what counts as a reputable source.

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