1. Application of Digital Forensic Methodology 2

It covers retrieval and analysis of evidence, tools used, and case-related evidence data found, etc.

  1. Documentation and Presentation of Evidence 2 (

All the procedures, findings and conclusions are documented. A detailed forensic analysis report is compiled to either prove or disprove the allegation.

The report should be well organized, structured, presented and fully referenced to a standard which is compliant with the CU Harvard Reference Style.

Extra information:

a)      You are required to retrieve and analyse a SD card image file (JohnHill-sdcard.dd) and 3 network log files (pk1.log, pk2.log and pk3.log) provided.

 b)     The panda-koala case data is included in azippedfile


File name: panda-koala-case.zip

 The zipped file includes a folder, named panda-koala-case, which consists of 1 folder (pk-logs), and two files (JohnHill-sdcard.tar.gz, README.rtf) as shown below. Please open and read the README.rtf file for more information.



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