1.Much of the first book (to page 112) is told from the perspective of Rosemary, an American film star just turning 18. At one point her mother tells her that “economically you’re a boy” (40). What does that mean? Describe the relationship between Rosemary and her mother. Do you think it is a healthy one? Why or why not? What do you think of Rosemary? Do you find her likeable as a character? Why or why not?

2. At Dick and Nicole’s party at their house on the French Riviera, Mrs. McKisco comes “upon a scene” on her way to the bathroom (36). What do you think she saw? How and why does this lead to a duel?

3. Why doesn’t Abe North go back to America as planned? Do his friends like being around him? Why or why not? What sort of trouble does Abe get himself into? What do you think is the cause of Abe’s main problem? Use a quotation from the text to support your response.

4. Who was Jules Peterson and why did someone murder him? What happened to his body after he was killed? In general, how are black people depicted in this novel? Use a quotation from the text to support your response

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