Jimmy is an inquisitive 4 year old. Once day, he is rummaging around in the garage and he finds a box of what seem to be small blue sweets.

They don’t taste much like sweets, but he eats a handful before he gives up and walks out into the garden, where he falls several times, before he convulses and collapses.

His father, who was working in the garden goes to his aid but he can’t talk properly. His eyes are filled with tears, his breathing is laboured and he is having muscle spasms.

Taking him to the car, his father notices the box in the garage. He grabs it and reads the label. “Snail pellets – contains Methiocarb”

He reaches the emergency department of his local hospital and Jimmy is admitted to the unit.

Answer the following questions. Give detailed explanations, but NO MORE than 1500 words.

1.Look up the chemical compound that is methiocarb and describe briefly its chemistry and its pharmacology.

2.What effects does Methiocarb have on the mammalian body? What other signs/symptoms would Jimmy display? Can this chemical cause death? Why?

3.The medical team administer two drugs. They explain one is to counter the pellets he has ingested, and the other is to relax his muscles.
What is the likely identity of these drugs, and how do they work to benefit Jimmy?

4.How does Methiocarb work for the purpose it was intended? Is it always
100% effective? Discuss.

5.Next to the box of snail pellets, was another box containing wax blocks of a Rodenticide called Brodifacoum. How does this work and what effect would it have had on Jimmy if he had consumed sufficient?

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