As the new marketing associate with Barclays bank, you are tasking with writing a critical essay summarizing what transpired during the investigation conducted by the United States Department of Justice into the abuse of the London interbank offered rate. (LIBOR) interest rate regulated by the British bankers administration. This essay if chosen by your new employer will be the report presented to the board of directors.

1) Describe the level of ethical development the executives at Barclays demonstrated when manipulating the LIBOR interest rates.

2) Did Barclays bank neglect social responsibility? What could they have done to be more socially responsible?

3) What actions regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) could Barclays have engaged in after the scandal broke to set things right and ensure that such an event would not happen again?

4) Describe the level of morality would have been demonstrated if the executives at Barclays asked themselves ” even though manipulating the LIBOR will increase company profits, is it the right thing to do in the long run”

5) Explain the importance of ethics and social responsibility in marketing as a result of your case study

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