1. Discuss the key barriers that must be taken into account when analyzing the service area of a medical facility. Search for more information from the CSU online library and other sources. Be sure to consider at least geographical, physical, and psychological barriers in your answer, and provide specific examples related to your own work or professional interests.

2. Differentiate between community planning, operational planning, and business planning. For each of these planning components, what is the time horizon and what is the major focus? Provide a healthcare-specific example of each planning type, related to your own work or your own professional interests.

3. In evaluating the service area of a medical facility, why is it so important to consider both the relative importance of each community to your organization and the relative importance of your organization to each community? Provide some specific examples related to healthcare.

4. Find Exercise 15-4 in your textbook, page 315, on physician recruitment. Refer to Table 15-6 and determine how many physicians by specialty we will need to recruit in five years

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