1) What symbols, motifs, and metaphors predominate in the epic?
2) What might they signify for ancient Mesopotamians?

In order to answer these larger questions successfully, you should think about and answer the following questions:

What set of problems or ideas does the Epic of Gilgamesh address that provide a central focus for the story and its meanings?

What are the main themes of the Epic? What specific passages express them? How do they reflect major concerns of Mesopotamian society?

What is the relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu? What qualities does each symbolize? How do they change as a result of their interactions?

How would you characterize the relationship between Mesopotamian gods and humans as the Epic unfolds? What qualities do the various deities embody?

What do women symbolize in the story? What roles do they play?

What qualities do the various animals and beasts in the story symbolize?

Why does the Flood occur? What does it symbolize in the story?

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