Through research or personal experience, identify three environmental ethical scenarios. These scenarios can be on any topic as long as they require sustainable and environmental ethcial decisions. Part of your grade will be based on the scnearios you choose. Once you have identified these scenarios, describe in detail, using legal, personal, industry standards, ethical standards or other backup, which decision you would or did make and defend that position.

For example, the politicians often debate off shore drilling for oil. One side might argue that in light of the BP oil leak in the Gulf we should not drill for oil in our waters, while the other side would say that we need to be energy independent and we have vast resources at our disposal. You would pick one side, express why you chose that position, and then defend that position. The side you choose is irrelevant, you just need to convince the reader that you are correct. Be convincing and defend your position.

This assignment will be submitted as three short papers. Each paper should be set up as such:

1) Describe the scenario

2) Summarize your position

3) Defend your position with facts, data, statistics, research etc.

4) Re-state your position

There is a great deal of freedom in this assignment.

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