1. National Assessments do not seem to be going anywhere so given this fact, talk about the pros and cons of national standardized assessments. If you had the power, how would you design them? Remember they have to be graded, reported in a timely fashion, and used as comparable data across regions etc.
2. Discuss the various types of test questions we reviewed and explain which you think are most useful in assessing students. You can address both formative and summative assessments. Tell me the kind you like most as a student and why.
3. We spent a good deal of time on validity and reliability. Explain both concepts and give examples of them. Why are they so important in assessment? Discuss how NOT having a national assessment impacts our usable findings from state to state or if it does.
4. Discuss criterion-referenced and norm-referenced tests and the steps you should take when creating an assessment for your students. When you are making tests for use with your students only, which kind of tests and questions do you find give you the most useful information and why?
5. Many of you have stated in posts your dislike of high stakes testing for evaluating students. Find at least two countries that we are often compared to (and usually said to be behind) and compare their system of evaluating students to ours…..for example China etc. Finally, also address what you would do assess students here….keeping in mind the number of students and timeliness.

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