1- Choose a disability category that will serve as the focus of your comprehensive exam.
2- Identify trends and issues that impact the education of children who receive services under that disability category.
3- Identify research-based special education interventions that are appropriate for the disability category that you have chosen.
4- After identifying three to four interventions, focus on one that you will discuss in depth as part of your response.

The paper should include the following sections:

1- Introduction: (3 Pages)
The introduction must include a discussion of the disability you will focus on. This discussion should include, but is not limited, the following :
a) the name of the disability category; I have choose Autism
b) definition, and specific characteristics of the disability category , and
c) identification of three to four various educational interventions that are typically used with the disability you will focus on.
Note : I have choose three educational interventions which are
1- Direct instruction intervention
2- Computer –assisted instruction intervention; and
3- Social stories intervention
I want focus on Social Stories interventions. But you should first provide some information and definition about the first two (Direct instruction intervention and Computer –assisted instruction intervention)

2- Literature Review: (4 Pages) The literature review must be on one of the interventions identified in your interdiction. The literature review should be a synthesis of the research regarding your disability of choice. It should not be a summary of individual articles. The articles you select should provide evidence that the intervention is effective. In others words, you are using articles that have data that support the use of the intervention. You are not using the articles to cite only as sources for the definition of the intervention. The ten required articles you use should have qualitative and/or quantitative data that you report within your synthesized literature review. Articles within the literature review should come from peer- reviewed special education journals that target an area of need within your specific disability category.

3- Implementation of intervention: The intervention section must include the following subsections: ( headings)

Intervention Preparation: (one and half page no more)
Within this section the name and the description of the intervention must be provided. You must also include the description of a lesson in which the intervention would be used:
a. Lesson objective:
b. Materials needed
c. Time allotted for implementation; and
d. A description of participants (individual students, small groups, whole class, etc.). in this part you should put headings for each (Lesson objective, Materials needed, Time allotted for implementation; and A description of participants)

Intervention Implementation Procedures: (2 pages no more) (without headings just the letter A& B)
a. Step by step description of how you would implement your intervention in a classroom setting; and
b. The data collection methods you use to measure the effectiveness of the intervention. (Include a table chart just example without data)

4- Conclusion: (half page) General summary of information presented in this paper.

5- Appendix: (one and half page) Self –reflection: Description and discuss: (no need resources here)
a. how your study of special education has informed your professional identity;
b. the significance of teaching for social justice;
c. how you will work collaboratively with professionals to meet the needs of students with disabilities; and
d. your understanding of the issues facing students who are cultural and/or linguistically diverse.

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