1. Clearly identify the group of people (Native Americans)
2. Construct a clear, precise research question around the topic of education and improved socio-economic status
3. Provide an outline that includes a clear idea of where you will be going in your essay and:
1. Introduction
2. Historic data
3. Today’s data
4. Change over time
5. Be sure you examine the multiple aspects of education, the various levels, etc. You may also want to include military service as an alternative to only school.
6. Compare the group’s progress to others; how do they compare, and what is going on behind the scenes to impact these statistics?
7. YOUR analysis and examination of possible solutions you have found, as well as your own ideas, and conclusion

1. Construct a title, proposal and research question around your selected group and the following statement: “Education is the key to success in America. With an education you can become anything you wish to be.”
2. Start with the U.S. Census data and go as far back as you can to research your group. You will want to track change over time in: number of people identified as part of this group, income range and education reported. Compare and contrast to “majority whites”. (Some groups have been followed for years, or decades, but others have not, so you may need to do some digging).
3. How has education helped the group to improve over time, or has it? (research beyond the Census stats needed here)
4. Are the promises made about education actually being fulfilled? Why or why not? (real sociology-type question)
5. What other factors may be at play here?
6. Discuss the facts you have located and the interplay of these to build to a logical and informed conclusion using 1250 words of writing. This does not include the title page or reference page.

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