Joao is a 13-year-old seventh-grader who recently arrived in the United States from Brazil. He speaks little English and finds that school in the United States is very different from school in his native country. Joao’s teacher wants to learn more about her student in order to help him because she knows that some students have a difficult time adapting and succeeding in the school environment due to language and cultural differences between school and home. She also notices that he does not come prepared to class, does not make up assignments he misses when he is absent, refuses to take notes during lectures, and uses class time to socialize with his new friends. Ms. Smith wants to help Joao succeed because she sees tremendous potential in her student.
a) In what ways can Ms. Smith adapt her instruction to accommodate the needs of her new
student? b) How can Ms. Smith motivate Joao to learn and apply himself in her class? c) How can Ms. Smith involve Joao’s parents in helping to make Joao more successful in the school environment?
Part II 40 Point
Select any Four
1) Compare and Contrast Charter Schools and Public Schools
2) Describe School Vouchers and share your view on them
3) Present an overview on the various ways students learn
4) Present a discussion as to how a student’s home life may or may not impact their
academic achievement
5) Share some elements of how the Federal Government has played a role in education. 6) Please share at least 3 influential educators who have shaped our education profession today. Please share a brief overview on who they were and what significant contribution they made.
7) In your opinion, please describe what makes a successful school and what makes a successful classroom.
8) Outline some of the ways a teacher sets the stage for learning
9) Describe the components of an effective lesson
10) Discuss case three Supreme Court cases which have transformed or impacted the education progession.

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