READINGs FOR WK 2 – Folktales (Read pp. 54-73, Norton Anthology
Responses must be min 3-5 paragraphs per response, FIRM.

DQ 1 Actions for DQ 1
Just as the lore of the Jude0-Christian Bible inspired the antebellum spirituals, it has also inspired many African American folktales from the beginning of black history in the United States. Trace the biblical origins of the tales that seem to revise Christian ideas. What moral codes do black folktales generally assert? Be sure to cite at least two folktales in your answer.

DQ 2 Actions for DQ 2
Focus on two sets of folktales–the “Ol’Massa” (pp. 58-64) variety and the adventures of Brer Rabbit ( pp. 67-73). In what ways do these particular stories overlap? It is fair to say they are in fact the same subgenre of black folklore? Why or why not?

DQ 3 Actions for DQ 3
African American folktales often employ the “trickster” figure. First, define trickster figure. Second, choose one or two folktales and illustrate the trickster figure and its significance in that particular folktale

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