Respond to the question below in a response roughly 300 words. Be sure to incorporate source material to support your response. Cite throughout in APA format.

  1. Discuss Merton’s theory of the relationship between social structure and anomie. How is American society’s emphasis on material success functional?  How might it be dysfunctional for people born into lower socioeconomic classes?  What kinds of adaptations are people who value material success but lack the means to achieve it likely to make?  Can this theory help explain criminality, homelessness, counter cultural values? 

Oh, this long-awaited moment when you finish the last sentence of your essay, and put down the last complete stop. You are absolutely sure that you followed all the rules of the structure, you spent several hours to present the document with the relevant facts, examples and links, and your conclusion is truly impeccable. However, what is formatting? What if your academic purpose is an APA-style essay, and now you need to consider all the requirements for this format. In the end, this is sometimes the kind of formatting that can affect the estimates, and nobody wants their paper to be C or B-grader. In this case, the big mistake is that many students do not pay enough attention to the aspect of the assignment, such as the necessary formatting. So, what are the features of an APA-style essay format? Is it really that important to know? Is it hard? How do you make your essay APA properly? Let’ s take a step, step by step. Be assured that with our professional recommendation you will forget about any concerns about these three letters-APA

How to write an APA-style essay

Before you get into the APA essay, you need to understand what you’re going to work with. The American Psychological Association Guide (APA) is a guide for the style published by the American Psychological Association. It is specifically designed for social and behavioural sciences, but is commonly used in other disciplines, particularly for medical purposes.
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As in other style guides, it covers a wide range of topics, including the format of the study, tables, drawings, quotes and grammatical questions. The following are some of the things that are usually considered when working with an APA-style composition:

  • Fields. Use 1 \” fields on all four sides of the page
  • Indent. The offset starts at the left margin of 1/2 inch, and 1/2 inches from the left margin
  • The font. Select the standard and ready-to-read Times New Roman font. In addition, APA requires the use of fonts without a server. (Sarah is a small riser placed at the end of the bar letter. For example, there are services in the Times New Roman and Arialno.)
  • Size. Use a 12-point font
  • Page numbers. The number of pages in the upper right corner begins with the cover page. Do not specify your name next to the page number
  • Indentation. A double volume of paper, including quotations (quotations long 40 words) and references
  • Title page. The APA-style cover page must include the name of the page that contains the paper, followed by your name and school affiliation, and center and two intervals. At the bottom of the page (also in the center), you can include an author note that contains specific information about this class or acknowledgment
  • The head is starting. APA formatting requires a head to be run on each page. The head is a short (less than 12 words) title of your title, which appears at the top of each page that is aligned to the left. The title on the cover page should read: \”Starting Title: TITLE.\” On all subsequent pages, it must be aligned to the left head
  • How do I write an APA-style composition? There are a number of useful suggestions that you can use to improve your paper and simplify the recording process

  • The first step is to select an interesting theme for the future essay. You must be sure that it will attract the attention of the audience, and you can send and examine it in detail
  • It is thoughtful to approach the study process. If your topic is specific enough, you must be sure that you can find all the necessary and relevant materials to base your ideas and evidence
  • Note that your theme should not be too wide or narrow; otherwise, you will be overloading all the information or you will not find enough information
  • Start preconditioning. Perhaps the search for some books, articles, interesting articles and their processing may take a long time
  • If you use any direct quotations, you should format them accordingly, and remember to mention each of them (source) in the References part
  • The draft of your APA essay. This helps avoid possible errors. You have the option to correct the text and make any adjustments immediately without risking an abridable level
  • There is another step you want to make to prepare an ideal record to create an APA-style essay. It is important to understand whether all these parts are equally informative, valuable and logically structured. We want you to look at our very generic example to better understand what you should do

  • An introduction with the thesis statement (depending on the type of essay)
  • The first paragraph and its central idea
  • Source (evidence, real-life example, etc.)
  • Second paragraph and its central idea
  • The background source
  • The third paragraph and its central idea
  • The background source
  • The conclusions with the answer to your introductory statement (or its rephrasing)
  • Although the format of the essay APC is quite demanding, and you should be very careful about the details, everything becomes easier after you study each possibility separately and follow all instructions, step by step. Take your time, be diliget, and your ideally well-formed essay will lead you to success in your academic activities

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