Research question:

What are the demographic, psychological and behavioural predictors of physical fitness in University students? \nHypothesis 1: There will be a difference in physical fitness between men and women. (Calculate effect size)\nHypothesis 2: Self-efficacy for running will be associated with physical fitness.\nHypothesis 3: Self-efficacy for running will mediate any observed associations between symptoms of anxiety and depression and physical fitness.\nHypothesis 4: Average daily activity will be independently associated with physical fitness when other predictors are taken into account. \nMethods: not needed that part of the assignment was given only need to do our own results, discussion and conclusion\nResults: put a subheading for each hypotheses, include graphs and tables \n• Outliers:\n o To what extent are any outliers likely to affect results?\n o Examine box plots\n• I will need graphs and tables where necessary for each hypotheses\n• What tests were used for each hypotheses and why (boxplots, histograms, bar and scatter/dot)\n• If there is any missing data, how will you address the outliers and missing data\n• For each of your decisions you must justify it\n• Presentation of results is accurate and follows recommended guidelines for psychological publication (i.e. abides by format of statistical tests, clear description of findings)\n• The use of figures and tables is appropriate and clear figures and tables used to explain results\n• The analysis for hypotheses 2-4 are in regards to correlation and regression\nDiscussion:\n• Two to three sentences on each of:\n o Main findings (what is data telling us?)\n o Limitations (what are the problems in the study and data?)\n• Implications (what do the results mean for researchers/health professionals? What is missing from this analysis?)\nConclusion\n• Interpretation of findings is appropriate, with conclusions correctly drawn and implications considered\nI will provide a data set that I will attach that needs the program SPSS in order to analysis it and to find the answer to the hypotheses and question\nDo not use any of the SPSS tables in report

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