look at the Interior and exterior and give full detailing on the structural system of the building. use IMAGES of the building ,markup floor plans, elevation, sections and perspective to depict a clear understanding of the ‘structure’ or whatever it is you are trying to describe. Focus on the structure and foundation, building loads, static and dynamic loads, compression, deflection, and tension of structure and the spanning openings. Look at the vertical supports of the building, if there is any lateral forces, shearing forces and grid frameworks.

Focus on the horizontal structural units, such as floor and ceiling assemblies, concrete floor systems. If there is any moving vertically such as, stairs, elevators, ramps and such on? Look for any material handling such as, vertical lifts, conveyors, pneumatic systems, etc. look heavily on to structural forms, like windows and doors, vapor pressure, roofs, foundations, exterior wall, load-bearing walls, structural types, embodied energy and construction materials, light frame structures, light frame wood, light frame steel, post-and-beam and heavy timber, masonry structure, Masonry openings, and wall constructions. Movement joints, stone, brick concrete block, unfired earth construction, concrete structure, site-cast precast.

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