Students will complete a critical evaluation of African American discourse/s previously studied during the course up to that given due date. Students are expected to analyze the chosen text using the rhetorical terms/perspectives learned in class. Each paper must include a brief discussion of rhetor, context, and audience; the bulk of the paper should involve an analysis of the text/s. Be sure to craft an argument/thesis. Be sure to use at least three outside sources. Be sure to quote the actual text. Students are asked to write about a text outside of our readings OR to write about a text we studied, but from a different perspective.


(1) Choose a text/discourse that interests you

(2) Then, choose some rhetorical terms that best allow you to analyze the discourse

(3) Start the mini analyses with a thesis regarding what you are arguing, and a brief description of context, rhetor and audience.

(4) Then, dig into the discourse and show how the rhetorical terms help explain how the discourse works, etc.

(5) Find three secondary sources beyond the text itself to help construct the context and write your analysis. Only one source can be a website or internet source. The other two need to come from an academic journal article. Feel free to use more sources. In rhetorical studies, the following are best: Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, Southern Communication Journal, Communication Studies, Communication Quarterly, Women and Communication, Western Journal of Communication, Rhetorica, Argumentation and Advocacy, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, or Text and Performance Quarterly. These articles can be found at in the “Databases” section in the Communication and Mass Media Complete database.

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