Your task is to develop a crisis communication plan in response to a current crisis being covered in the media. You will need to choose a crisis that is currently in the media and has the potential to remain there for a month at least. Your task is to research the crisis and then develop a plan to manage the strategic communication for the crisis. Your plan needs to include the following elements:
Crisis Communication Plan (CCP)
Your crisis communication plan should outline your approach to manage the strategic communication for the crisis. Integration and reflection on theory covered throughout the modules will be highly regarded. Your plan should include the following elements:
◦ A succinct overview of the crisis. 
An anaysis of the crisis using Fearn-Banks (2012) five stages of managing a crisis as a guide; detection, prevention/preparation, containment, recovery and learning.
◦ Prodromes: A discussion of prodromes (warning signs that the crisis is coming) relevant to your crisis.
◦ Goal: The goal of the crisis communication plan.
◦ Objectives: Three (3) communication objectives specific to your crisis constructed within a SMART (specific, measurable, accurate, relevant and timebound) framework.
◦ Crisis theory informing your communication strategy: Detail which crisis theories inform your strategic response and why.
◦ Tactics to implement your strategy: Actions required to implement the strategy and the proposed timeline.
◦ Target audiences and Key messages: Identification of target audiences and key messages for each audience identified.
◦ Evaluation: An explanation of how you will evaluate your crisis plan to inform the management of future crises.

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