You will be designing a research paper that interests you and provides an answer to a compelling question. The paper should relate to managing for effectiveness. Examples of suitable projects include:

– A comparison/contrast of organizational culture analysis of three firms in a particular industry
– The development of a classification of leadership styles and their effectiveness in particular industries
– Preparation of a case analysis
– The development of a motivation model for a particular firm

Organizational Climate Outline
Through this research paper is going to be discussed how to create a sustainable organizational climate. This topic is constituted for many other factors, which will help an organization to be workable.
A good work environment is directly connected to the performance of a company
II. Body
A. Managing influences the global environment
1. Outstanding managers help to create a good environment inside the company.
2. Leaders instead of bad bosses contribute to a better teamwork.
3. Good relationship between the manager and the workers.
B. Motivational Rewards
1. Bonuses for their best employees
2. Congratulate employee’s good job
3. Make the workers feel the manager’s support
4. Extracurricular Activities for workers’ happiness
C. Learning increases workers motivation
1. Training maintain workers updated in order to contribute effectively in a company future problem
2. Weekly meetings, make works feel important and that will be demonstrated on their performance
3. Teamwork activities help to strengthen workers’ relationship.
III. Conclusion

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