Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter in response to the position of retail store manager as advertised recently online by your company.
I possess a strong background as regards retail management, which when complemented with my undying passion for excellence and strong commitment to meet and exceed my set goals at my work place, makes me more than viable for the role of retail store manager at your Birmingham store. I consider myself extensively experienced in the field, from having worked for Yueling Ribbon Manufacturing Factory for 3 years. My outstanding delegation and managerial skills saw me rise from a workshop manager assistant to a sales manager assistant for the company. During my tenure as an assistant sales manager, I steered the company towards a better competitive position in the marketing industry, developed and implemented strategic means of attracting more clients by introducing product comparison from various factories and through my excellent communication skills, persuaded three investors, earning the company several contracts, which generated immense revenue.
Besides my managerial experience, i consider myself as a hands- on leader. I am keen on developing a good rapport amid my staff members and a conducive working environment, both relaxed and focused on customer satisfaction effectively. I believe in dynamism and therefore a vibrant team player. I implemented several initiatives, which saw the most efficient employees, receive prizes as an incentive for employee motivation, as well as improving production quality up by 3% output after each two months, through proper supervision and motivation of employees.
My unwavering commitment to the personal development and motivated input of my staff and my business acumen make me a strong contender for the position of your retail store management. I have provided below my resume to back up my claims.

Accept my gratitude for taking time to consider my application and I am looking forward to a future meeting with you to further discuss this position.
Yours sincerely,

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