1. How has your business progressed in the past 12 months?

• Most are average or above average
• Not many companies had to downsize
• Location and access is important to business progression

2. What sustainability initiatives does your business practice?

• Removing chemicals
• Environmentally friendly, cheap and economically friendly
• Drain goods- stop chemicals going into drains
• Some companies remove oil and chemicals themselves

• what companies should be doing –

• Lowering carbon emissions
• Water efficiency use
• Reducing hazards
• Protect natural resources
• Recycle bins
• Recycle boxes

3. How do you aim to improve these sustainability initiatives?(go back to question 2 as answer and use in the report for recommendations)

• Most companies felt they didn’t need to change or improve, they were doing enough
• Some said to reduce carbon footprint

4. What are the main sustainability issues your business is facing?

• Companies don’t rely on nature products, do it cheaper they struggle to compete against them
• Competition
• Economic situations for example downturn struggle to produce same quality due to increase in expenses

5. What sustainability issues are there in the business park? (example waste management, pollution, public transport etc)

• Spare blocks of land not being taken care of
• Old buildings need improvement
• Pollution and chemicals
• No transport
• Parking issues
• Infrastructure improvement
• Signs and branding

6. a) How do you aim to fix any issues?

• Companies felt they were doing good just needed more work from the council
• Better communication between companies
b) How should the council go about fixing issues?
• Bus stops
• More parking
• Bigger blocks or less companies on each blocks
• Regular mowing
• Fix fences
• Traffic upgrades
• Council should receive annual sustainability reports from businesses which will outline issues and solutions
• Market business park in a better way
• Regular contact with business

7. How had your business gone in comparison to the rest of the industry? Why do you think this is?

• Good competition
• Good neighbors and great relationship
• Financially wealthier
• Above average so doing good, a lot of employees and factory size a lot of trucks so a lot of supply = a lot of demand
• Not many competitors
• Some said a lot of competition due to similar companies

8. What does your business do to differentiate itself from other business in the area?

• Recycle and sort waste
• Always making small improvements and upgrades
• Wide connections and partnerships

• This part use in recommendations –

• Market mention related to environmentally friendly products- not tested on animals
• Quality control programs- business can tell people its products are tested and approved
• Attitude
• Morals and procedures
• Employee expectations- how they are expected to act
• More knowledge on business park and sustainability

9. How do you feel regarding employing people who live locally?

• Happy with local employment
• A lot of people are local employees

• General- Aim to employ locals due to knowledge, access, connections and availability

10. What does the council have to do to help create better employment opportunities for your company and the rest of the companies in the business park?

• General-
• More encouragement from council to hire locals
• Advertisement
• Recruitment agencies
• Centre link
• Company incentives – tax bonus to hire certain amount of employees
• Look of area
• Give employees incentives to work locally
• More businesses in the business park through upgrades.

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