Each student will attend one Western “art” music concert.
If you are confused about which concerts are appropriate, please ask myself or Cary for approval. A list of appropriate concerts are available on blackboard.

After the concert, write a review of the performance detailing your experience.

The review should include:
1) The names of the performing groups/ artists; the date and location of the performance
2) Describe the setting. Is it a large hall or an intimate theater? What type of audience is there? Young or old? How do they respond to the music?
3) The titles of all compositions being performed. Include the specific movements if it includes multi-movement works. Often these will be tempo indications such as Allegro, Andante, Molto Vivace, etc.
4) Describe one or more musical elements that you recognize in the compositions.
Identify the style period (If you are unaware what the style is, look up the composer and compare it to the period discussed in the book). The dates will often appear in the program. Mention any instrument that stands out and explain why.
5) Be sure to arrive on time to hear the entire concert.
6) Describe your personal reaction to the concert. List reasons why you think it was successful or not.

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