• Create a concept map demonstrating the linkages and interrelationships of the theoretical concepts.
Theoretical concept – Hildegard E. Peplau
Theory of Interpersonal Relations ( Focus on building of relationships to improve patient outcomes

• Include a clear problem and purpose statement.

A lack of educating the community physicians on the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities that are moving from an institution to community , contribute to biases medical supports.
Education of physician and other health care members within the community will promote improved quality of health care within the community for this population

• Express relational statements linking the concepts, literally and diagrammatically.

Regardless of the disability, persons still functions, eat , sleep , etc. as Maslow’s hierchy of needs indicates ( same basic needs) all persons have these needs. Through an understanding of the individual and the roles in building relationship to foster the person , the better the outcome ….

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