Superheroes have existed for the longest time, always depicted as using their acquired powers to fight off evil for the greater good. Spiderman and Beowulf are two of the most inspiring superheroes of all times. There are many similarities as there are differences between these two superheroes and this treatise will compare and contrast these incredibly heroic individuals as they embarked on their epic quests to protect those they loved.
Spiderman, a modern time’s hero was an ordinary shy geek who through his love for science, was bitten by a radioactive spider and develops superpower abilities. He then proceeds to become a vigilante for his city. Beowulf on the other hand was a Viking superhero who was born with superhuman strength, equaled to that of thirty men. He did not require any sort of weapon to slay the monsters he battled. Beowulf used this power to protect the people of the Dane community. Both of these heroes used their superhuman strength for the greater good of the people and they are reputed to be smart and compassionate to the plight of their people. They were both motivated in one way or another by events that happened in their lives. Beowulf felt obligated to repay the debt that his late father owed to Hrothgar a Scythian king while Spiderman sort to combat evil after the demise of his uncle Ben. Both heroes exhibit their will to risk their lives in order to protect the people they loved.
A striking contrast between these two heroes is how they embrace their gifts. Beowulf is a hero who seeks fame and glory and is least humble when praised and applauded for his heroic conquests. Spiderman on the other hand, is humble and modest and somehow detests fame going to great lengths to conceal his real identity by wearing his spandex suit.
Beowulf was enormous in size and possessed a noble stature while Spiderman was average in size and bodily structure. Beowulf commanded attention and awe from his fellow men and womenfolk whereas while living his ordinary life, Spiderman was barely noticeable. He could not even woo a girl, contrary to Beowulf who was perceived to be a ladies’ man. Another distinguishable trait between the two lies in the way they fought their enemies. Spiderman choose to capture his adversaries whereas Beowulf killed them.
In conclusion, both these heroes however existing in different times, exhibit qualities that are ordinarily expected of all superheroes. They demonstrate empathy, resolve and the knack to fight incessantly for the well-being of their loved ones and for the greater good of their societies. They inspire and give hope that good always trumps over darkness regardless of the magnitude of evil facing us.

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