THIS IS A POINT-BY-POINT PAPER!!!!! For this paper, you must use the following topic:  Compare and/or contrast Mrs. Mallard (Story of An Hour) and Sarah Penn (The Revolt of Mother).  Both women live in a time period where the husband is expected to be dominant, and both husbands are indeed dominant but loving.  (Idea that you may or may not want to pursue: Both women are described as victorious; which one is more responsible for her victory?  Why?  What does this suggest about personal development and the extent to which it is limited?)
1. MLA heading

2. Your own title, properly capitalized without quotation marks or italicizing

3. Introduction should include attention getter (hook), any background information necessary, and thesis sentence.  Your introduction should include story titles and authors and a brief identification of characters upon first reference.  Story titles should be placed in quotation marks.

4. Cite each paraphrase or quotation by page. The developmental sentences should include facts and details from the story or stories.  Include paraphrases and quotations, and provide parenthetical citations for these

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