Adolescence is a time in which teenagers physically, intellectually, and emotionally become more adult-like (Feldman, 2011). Erikson, Marcia, and Gilligan all have models that describe their theories of identity development. Think of a teenage character you are familiar with from a book or TV show and the issues he or she faced as he or she explored the questions, “Who am I?” and “Where Do I Fit In?”. Examples to use might include the characters from Harry Potter; Glee;
That ‘70s Show; Bethany Hamilton, (the main character in Soul Surfer); Tom Sawyer; Elizabeth Bennet; or a character you are familiar with. Use one of the above models and describe how this character came to terms with his or her self-concept and self-esteem. Make sure to identify your character and give a brief background about him/her. Use specific examples about the character to support your ideas. Identify and describe any other issues this character faced.

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