1. What is the difference between a fad and an enduring product?
Define a fad and a long term trend in detail
Provide examples of fads (hint: Popular video games, social activities, fashion etc)
Propose that some fads such as fashion, tv shows, movies and toys make a return to a new generation of consumers in modified forms or brand extensions as a means of prolonging its life cycle or to take advantage of a fad.
Discuss the implications of marketing fads and enduring products (4Ps) and consumption behavior (hint: fads might be sold at higher prices when popular, enduring products different…)

2. What has made Tamagotchi so successful worldwide?
When introduced as a new product, the digital toy was a raging success.
Define the concept of a new product OR innovation and justify what kind of new product it was (hint: continuous innovation or discontinuous innovation etc…)
Focus on the product features and affordable price of the Tamagotchi and provide case facts AND additional research as reasons to justify your answers.
Hint: You can choose from: Color, design, game theme of pet ownership, convenience, mobility, international cultural relevance and other valid reasons)

3. Using the product life cycle concept as the basis for the discussion, discuss why the
Pet Rock was short lived compared to the Tamagotchi.
Define the concept of the PLC and discuss that the PLC curve for different product types vary widely.
Describe/apply the PLC stages to Pet Rock & Tamagotchi sales and
Compare the Product concept/idea of Tamagotchi vs the Pet Rock (hint: which was more fun/purposeful vs which was less engaging) to explain why the Pet Rock was short-lived.
Elaborate on what criterion are needed for new product success/longevity
Provide other examples of product that were short-lived like Pet Rock.
Support your answers with facts from the case.

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