New products and services are the lifeblood of companies. The key to developing successful products is a thorough recognition of the needs and wants of the target consumer. Each new product or service follows a distinct path of development starting at idea generation and moving to commercialization. Each manager in a company will have input into one if not all of the elements of the new product and service development process whether from accounting, production, shipping, or human resources.

Using research and creativity, you will propose a new social media platform by using the new product development process. There are no restrictions to the type of social media platform you propose.

You will then prepare a presentation of your new social media platform. You may be as creative as possible within your skill set. You may develop a video presentation and email it. You may use any presentation tool you desire as long as I can review your presentation. A paper is acceptable as long as your creativity is expressed in the proposal.

The key element of the exercise is not length but the following:

1. Inclusion of the seven stages of the new product development process.
2. Critical analysis of why the new social media platform is needed. This will be seen through a careful incorporation of the new product development process.

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