In recent years governments around the world have been establishing renewable fuel standards (RFS) and offering incentives to promote the development of biofuels as an alternative energy source. It is being done for a number of reasons, including energy security, environmental impact and rural revitalization. As a result of the recent expansion of the biofuel industry in North America, public and scientific debate has arisen over the true benefits of biofuels and the impact they’re having on society.
Bearing this in mind, prepare a report that include the following:
• The current biofuels situation in America and globally
• The opportunities and challenges of a biofuel industry
• The demand for farm and food products by biofuels
• Socio-political and economic factors of biofuels
• Technological impact of biofuels
• Legal and regulatory factors surrounding the development of biofuels
• The ethical debate surrounding biofuels
• Food security in a growing world population
• The future of biofuels in Canada

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